Author: ropeodo

So you want to own a Vacation Rental?

When friends find out we own a Vacation Rental, there are always a lot of questions. One of the first questions is how much do you make, off of the rental. Many of our friends are real estate investors, and they are always looking for new opportunities. One of the things we help them with […]

How do you Clean your mop & broom?

We all know facts about cross-contamination, yet in so many homes, contaminants are spread by the very devices used to make a home clean. Nearly everyone  uses some sort of a mop, for cleaning surfaces. The proper cleaning procedures must take place, not only when cleaning, but also when caring for your cleaning tools. Proper […]

Why Disinfect your Vacation Rental

Because of COVID 19 everyone is now thinking about disinfection and cleaning more than ever before. When you run a Vacation Rental, your are running a mini hotel. I have a good friend who is General Manager at a major hotel. Before we opened our Maid Service, I consulted with her Director of Housekeeping. One […]