How do you Clean your mop & broom?

We all know facts about cross-contamination, yet in so many homes, contaminants are spread by the very devices used to make a home clean.

Nearly everyone  uses some sort of a mop, for cleaning surfaces. The proper cleaning procedures must take place, not only when cleaning, but also when caring for your cleaning tools.

Proper washing, drying and disinfecting of mops, brooms and rags is key to the prevention of disease. A mop or broom can easily spread germs and bacteria all over a home. The same can be said for a used rag.

With that said, we recommend soaking your mop and broom in a 50% bleach solution for 20 minutes, after every use. Studies have shown mops were shown to transfer bacteria within hospitals when not handled properly. That’s why we recommend this for your home use.

At Maid in Galveston we use this same formula for every home we clean. We do this to ensure we do not bring contaminates into homes. As for the vacuum, we use a solution on it as well, to ensure no contaminants are brought into the home.