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Maid in Galveston Maid Service Galveston Texas

At Maid in Galveston, We understand your Vacation Rental and Leased Rental business, because we are property owners as well. We understand the anxiety of wondering if my Vacation Rental, will be cleaned properly. Too many times we have checked our properties after it had been cleaned, and found Pop Tarts under the sofa cushions, broken crayons under chairs, crumbs in the oven or just a stray hair in the bathroom. All of which, could have cost us a good review. Since January 2018 we have gone through a total of six Cleaning Services. We have suffered through lost linens, unlocked doors, forgot to cleans and poor cleaning jobs.

Finally, we said enough is enough, and decided to open our own cleaning business. We are both Business Professionals with over 30 years of real estate experience. We have experience in Make Ready, Total Rehabs on a turn key basis. We have experience supervising cleaners and creating an environment of clean. We also own our own onsite laundry facility, where all of your items will be washed together. No community washing, which can result in lost items. We also have a linen service for our customer’s use. We both understand cleaning excellence and know what it looks like.

Each Maid in Galveston housekeeper, is background checked and drug tested. Since Maid in Galveston employees are not sub-contractors, we also take care of workers’ compensation and employment taxes. We are insured for your protection.

We don’t do contracts, Maid in Galveston proves its value every time we clean. We also strive to deliver a clean that works for you. Each of our housekeepers is held accountable for their housecleaning by a supervisor and Maid in Galveston even offers a 24-hour warranty. This unique measure ensures that your property always meets your expectations.

The Maid in Galveston LLC gives back: Maid in Galveston is a member of the Humane Society in Galveston.

Maid in Galveston Maid Service Galveston TX
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