Why Disinfect your Vacation Rental

Because of COVID 19 everyone is now thinking about disinfection and cleaning more than ever before. When you run a Vacation Rental, your are running a mini hotel. I have a good friend who is General Manager at a major hotel. Before we opened our Maid Service, I consulted with her Director of Housekeeping. One of the things I asked, was how do they handle disinfection in their rooms. I found out, they use a hospital grade disinfected on all surfaces including soft surfaces.

At Maid in Galveston we keep this in mind with our services. When you think about it, it’s not about COVID 19, it’s about being prepared for the next thing on the horizon. It’s about knowing your home is virus and bacteria free for your guest. When you have guest in your home you have no idea about their medical status. Weather it’s HIV, SARS/Coronavirus, Avian Influenza or Rhinovirus, etc… Our Antibacterial Disinfectant cleans a number of fungus’s, bacteria, viruses and even COVID 19.

At Maid in Galveston 1836, we have developed a service that will fog your entire home, and touch every surface. This will ensure your place is germ free for you and your guest. Call us today for a free estimate.